Character: Kai
Created by: Dan Berendsen
Directed by: Guy Norman Bee (as Guy Bee)
Written by: Dan Berendsen
Produced by: Chris Grismer
Other cast: Skylar Samuels, Grace Phipps, Ki Hong Lee, Benjamin Stone, Daniel Sharman, Cameron Jebo
Release date: June 14th, 2011
Episodes: 1x07
Original airdate: July 26th, 2011
Episode title: Dogs of War
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime
Running time: 44 mins

Compassionate to the needs of others, Chloe is unable to turn her back on Kai, a young man who asks Chloe for help in reuniting with his family. Although she eventually learns that Kai is a huge threat to the Mai's safety, Chloe insists on helping him return home. Accompanied by Alek, Jasmine, Paul and Amy, a determined Chloe begins the dangerous journey into Jackal territory. Alek and Jasmine's worst fears are realized when Chloe's mission takes a terrible turn and one Mai could be lost forever. Meanwhile, even though it has been ten years since Chloe's father vanished, Meredith still feels guilty about dating Frank. In an attempt to move on with their lives, Meredith asks Chloe if she is ok with declaring her father dead, unaware that the two have been in contact.